We Start With

Choosing the right Charlotte SEO firm is extremely important. The first question you should ask yourself as a business owner is, “What will SEO do for my company? What are my main goals when choosing a Charlotte SEO provider? SEO campaigns are extremely intricate, and you must be sure you have experts working under the hood. Everyone that works on your campaign is an expert in SEO.

Our process is simple. We look at your current rankings in depth. We want to understand exactly how your site is interacting with Google. We look at site speed, on-page optimization, content, structured data, schema mark-up, citations, site-titles, H Tags, image optimization, anchor text, meta descriptions, brand authority, competition, social profiles, blogs, back-link structure and whole lot more extremely nerdy stuff that we don’t need to get in to… Choose Status and never leave another SEO company again.

Define Profitable Keywords

We identify and then optimize the keywords that have the highest search volume and most importantly turn into new leads for your organization. This allows you to strengthen the foundation of your business, and structure it for long term growth. Each campaign, prior to launch is meticulously, thought through and primed before moving to launch phase. *All keywords are sent for your approval prior to launch.

Launch Campaign

After our analysis is done and keywords are defined, we go to work. Our platform is so effective, we guarantee solid movement on the identified keywords and an increase in organic traffic in the first 30 days. Sit back, and let us show you what we do best. Our experts deliver campaigns that are unlike any other SEO companies on the East Coast.

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