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Our mission has been to develop the best Digital Marketing deliverable on the East Coast. The end result has been witnessing our clients increase their revenue by over 300% in some cases.

This is why we exist. This is why we work so hard. We understand that there are many people that rely on the success of your business. It’s extremely important to us that we do not let those people down.

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Why Choose Us?

Our organization thrives on making you more profits. From our first meeting, to 9 months into a campaign, our level of service will never fault. Our technologies utilize the most advanced systems and continue to improve daily. Our campaigns are more effective than 99% of the big box agencies. Frankly, the big box agencies do not understand or utilize the most up to date strategies or understand the digital marketing world today.

You deserve a team that is always perfecting their platform and strives for greatness each and everyday. Your organization deserves more than just an account manager to call when you have a problem. At Status, you become apart of our family. We are floored, when we solve a major problem for you, or you land multiple new clients in a single week. We know the exact steps to take to help you capitalize on more market share.
Ok… Ok… Enough about us…… Let’s talk about YOU.


Our propritery technologies and marketing strategies are what differentiates us. We make a commitment to utilize the strongest technology in the industry at launch of any campaign. Typical clients see a 30-40% revenue increase in the first 60 days.


We work quickly to uncover areas that have the highest impact for growth inside of your organization. Whether it’s organic rankings, ad-spend, or conversion issues, we identify the problem fast. Our industry experts will provide a transparent strategy that best suits your companies vision.


We are passionate about good design. Without the right UX design and conversion features, your website may get left behind. Every business needs the right foundation, built for growth. Let’s start a conversation that ends with better design.

Our Professional Team

Meet the people who make StatusDigital. We are passionate about helping you achieve more from your organization.

CEO & Founder
Dan is an expert in the digital marketing field having over 8 years of top performing technical and digital consulting experience. His executive career came to a halt when he realized his clients meant more to him than a glorified title or salary. StatusDigital was formed to always ensure his clients were receiving the most effective campaigns possible. He runs the day to day campaign & consulting operations for StatusDigital's active clients. He contributes and invests his knowledge among an alliance of "Guru's" throughout the country. Their sole focus is on staying ahead of the Google algorithm. Dan currently resides in the Lake Norman area with his wife and two kids.
VP Of Operations/Sales
Josh runs the business development department at Status and if you're reading this, by now you should have met him either through client referral or through Josh's daily prospecting efforts. Josh's background is in insurance sales, Nascar and a with Web.com. His consistent success in a distinguished sales career has been no fluke or "special sauce," it's been based on authenticity and hard work. Josh knows his sales brand - Transparent and Professional, always.
Lead Developer
Deni is an experienced full stack digital marketer with a technical background. As a Lead Developer, Deni focuses on the development & implementation of front & back-end solutions which seamlessly integrate into any campaign.In addition, Deni is also well versed in the latest digital marketing practices, giving clients the added benefit of being able to understand requirements and create solutions which generate positive ROI.
Digital Media Specialist / Video Production
Will is a North Carolina native, born and raised in Hickory, NC, and graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to joining Status, Will spent over a decade gaining industry experience within CBS Radio and Beasley Media Group. With a passion for creative in the digital world, Will's video production abilities are impressive and his attention to detail is his true differentiation. Will handles the daily campaign management duties, and also heads up the Video and Virtual Tour division for Status.

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